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About Us


         High Point Worldwide Sdn Bhd is a trading company and supply contractor acting mainly as a defence system supplier and government procurement agency. The company was incorporated in 2 registered with Ministry of Finance as an authorized supply contractor,  registration No: 357-00039389.The main customer is Ministry Of Defence. Other customers include the Royal Malaysian Police, Malaysia Maritime Enforcement Agency, government institutions and private bodies. To date the company had been very successful in supplying range of products which included military hardware, weapon system, war game simulation, safety and rescue, security, special operations, medical, dental, general logistics, special clothing's, electronic equipment and kitchen equipment. The company has it branch at Lumut, Perak.


           The company had by now successfully become the system integrator cum consultant and the supplier of high technology products or systems.  Wherever possible and applicable, High Point Worldwide Sdn. Bhd. would get the local industries involved with the projects contracted to the company.  Such undertakings ensures that there is some elements of technology transfer.  By getting directly involved, both the company and local industries understand the systems better and thereby be able to give a commendable after sales service support, including maintenance of the system. To date, systems that had been successfully designed, built, supplied and serviced by the company are:

a.         Two-Chair Mobile Dental Clinic

b.         Walk-in Chiller And Freezer

c.         Collapsible Fuel Dispensing Unit

d.         Kitchen Equipment

e.         Water Trailer


For a newly established company, the success had been commendable. List of contracts secured can be download here ; is a testimony of company’s reputation




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